The Great iTunes Experiment

Apologies for my recent silence.  I've become literally sick of this holiday season and have been battling a cold for a little over a week. With my continuing lack of energy, fear of cold weather and the huge amount of Christmas shopping I still have to do I'll probably be somewhat silent for the rest of the month.  But like all other bloggers and editors I'm a sucker for Best of Lists this time of year so I'll be throwing out some Top 10 lists.

First I thought I'd talk about the minor epiphany I had yesterday. Someone on my Facebook news feed asked what everyone's Top Played song on their iTunes was and when I went to check I realized how many songs had never been played in my iTunes library.  Granted some of them have received play on my iPod during workouts and Metro rides and even more have been played on the many mix CDs I've burned for my ancient car which once upon a time was all cool and modern for having a CD player instead of a tape deck.  But if I have to be honest I'm a little bit better at collecting awesome music than I am at actually listening to it.  If I like one song by a group I'll download all their CDs.  If  a friend tells me I need to check an artist out I'll acquire their music and usually stop there. 

So I opened my iTunes today, went to my full music library, selected Shuffle by Song and hit Play.  I don't care how many new songs or CDs I get in the next month I'm not listening to them until I've listened to everything in my library at least once. 

5509 songs, 14.8 days, 38.21 GB.   The very real possibility of some very interesting sets of songs. In the past hour my iTunes has been nice enough to stay in the Bright Eyes/Modest Mouse/Radiohead/The Hives/Franz Ferdinand areas but I'm waiting for that one Ke$ha song I downloaded for my workout mix to come on and scare me while I clean the house.

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