Alvin Tostig Has A Son Today

I knew Elton John and his husband recently had a child. I'd even heard that the child's middle name was Levon, a fact that thrilled me because Levon is my favorite Elton John song.  Today I was informed that the child was born on Christmas Day.  Far from being born a pauper to a pawn this little boy is now blessed not just with two loving fathers, one of whom is one of the greatest musicians of the late 20th century, but with one hell of a story behind why he was named what he was.

I guess we'll have to wait a few decades to see if Zachary Jackson Levon has a son of his own and if he calls the child Jesus. I'm not ashamed to admit that my fingers are crossed.

If you're anything like me and spent years wondering who exactly Alvin Tostig was this page does a very good job of breaking it all down.

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