You Have To Admit It's Getting Better

Sometimes inspiration comes in the strangest places. Like a friend's IM status. At the height of my wallowing the other day I logged on to check my email and out of the corner of my eye saw:

It's easy to suffer when you make the world hard. Make your world easy and you will suffer less.

So simple and yet probably the hardest thing for me to do. I like control down to controlling how I respond to the world and how it responds back to me. And then when I set myself up for failure and heartbreak I'm left with the truths that have been in front of me the whole time.

I told a friend the other week that no one will ever love you back the exact same way you love them and I don't think I completely realized that until I said it. It's true for everything though and I think for 28 years I lived thinking that the universe would respond to me exactly how I responded to it even if my own responses were often time disingenuous and born out of distrust and fear.

So that's where I am right now at 1:06PM on January 21. Trying to make my world easy. And listening to Fleet Foxes who might just be the best band ever.

Aldous Huxley (read Brave New World if you haven't) and Wildmind have even more to say on love and much better then I could.

“We can only love what we know, and we can never know completely what we do not love.

I think I write about love so much because it's the part of my life that I understand the least and have had the least success with. I can be a student, a teacher, a boss, an employee but being a daughter, sister, friend and girlfriend have been things I've always struggled to feel like I'm good at.

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