A Non Football Fan's Take On Super Bowl Sunday

There's something pretty awesome about how America stops in its tracks and devotes one day a year to one sports game. But there's something more awesome about how Super Bowl Sunday has become about so much more than football.  Obviously I'm only speaking from personal experience and I'm sure that there are people, families, groups, possibly whole communities out there who treat this day like any other.  The thing for me is that while I'm not remotely into football I always look forward to this day.  Why? Because I love funny commercials, rock concerts, the National Anthem, beer and food that is bad for you. And just like so many holidays have become more about food or presents or parties than their original intent I don't at all think it's necessary to like football to like the Super Bowl.

Before any football fans jump all over the post or me allow me to state that I respect everyone's reasons for loving this sport.  I'm surrounded by football fans, was raised by football fans, dated football fans and have befriended many football fans over the years.  There's just nothing about the way the game is played that is capable of holding my interest.  I will root for the NY Giants because they're the home team but that's more home pride than being a fan.

But I LOVE a good commercial.  I do most of my TV watching online these days so I miss a lot of seeing commercials as they air but I actually think that works better.  I can separate my shows from my ads and better enjoy viewing both. I love how most of the Super Bowl ads leak ahead of time even (mostly?) because it gives me one less reason to watch the game.  Everyone is already buzzing about the Darth Vader Volkswagen ad and it's well deserved buzz but it's a great commercial.  Though like most truly great ads I have no more desire to own a Volkswagen than I did before. 

I also love a really good concert so the Half Time show is a must see for me.  I have fond memories of the Aerosmith/ NSYNC halftime show and I couldn't even tell you which teams played in the game.  Speaking of rooting for the home team I have to give a shout out to Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band's performance in 2009.

Then there's the food.  I'm very into healthy eating these days and old enough to not crave the grease as much as I used to but once a year I can fully get behind a menu that typically includes chicken wings, pizza, nachos, pigs in a blanket, chili, etc. We're doing a Chili Cook Off this year and in the long week I took to contemplate my recipe the Important Things on my wish list were "Goes well with beer", "Goes well with cheese", "Tastes really good".  Good for you didn't really factor into the occasion though the end result is looking fairly on the won't give you a heart attack side.

Finally I have to give credit to any occasion when friends and family can come together for a good time. A good party is a good party no matter the purpose and even I inevitably find myself sucked into the spirit of things and full of hope that the worthiest team gets the victory they deserve. 

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