The Water's Clear and Innocent

Oh, Radiohead.  The internet will be full of nothing but talk of you this weekend.  It is a little sick how we fall all over ourselves every time Thom Yorke opens his mouth but there's no way not to.  When my download from http://www.thekingoflimbs.com finished this morning I had a brief moment of fear before opening it. Along with the fear were a bunch of questions. What if it sucked?  What if everyone loved it but me?  What if this was the CD that made me finally realize we're giving Radiohead way too much credit?  Why is Radiohead so amazing?  What is it about them that caused them to float inside my radar but not very close to my heart until a few years ago when I caught whatever the Radiohead version of Bieber Fever is and have never fully recovered from?

I don't have the answers to all those questions but the album is brilliant.  It's only 8 songs and under 40 minutes long so I've been able to listen to it a few times already. 

I want to write so much about Codex and so much because of it.  Until then I invite you all to listen to it and get yourselves over to their website to order the album.

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