This Would Have Hurt A Lot More In 2003

Maybe this is the snobby, snarky side of me talking but I can't help from laughing at how dramatic the headlines for The White Stripes announcement that they're breaking up are.  I seriously doubt anything more passionate than Jack & Meg sitting down, realizing they haven't made music together in forever and Meg seems to have lost the drive for it while Jack seems intent on starting a record labels worth of super groups happened. 

I'm still sad because whether you're Team It Was All Jack or Team Jack & Meg, The White Stripes had a distinct sound that I loved and that I doubt either could create on their own or with others.  But I guess I've thought of them as a former band for a long time now and the frenzy around this surprises me. 

With all that said their music will still get some extra play from me for the next few days.

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