I Less Than 3 DC

Last Saturday marked my three year anniversary of living in our nation's capital. Technically I've spent those three years living in Virginia but I feel more like DC has become my adopted home. It hasn't always been a cozy home and three years in I've learned to live with homesickness for a NJ &NY that is probably never going to go away. DC's still not quite home but neither is there and most days I'm happy to be here. There's still so much about the city I'm discovering and as late as last Friday I was introduced to an area of DC I've never visited but instantly fell in love with.

I owe DC a lot and seeing it filled to the brim with "outsiders" at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear two weekends ago made me realize how close we've become. This was my city all these people were invading and much like that really awesome house party that will still reach an endpoint when you want your space to be yours again I was as glad to see everyone leave as I was to have them there partying with me. And it was even nicer to not be one of the ones leaving.

Thank you DC for:

  • Dupont Circle
  • U Street
  • Black Cat
  • 930 Club
  • The Smithsonian Institute
  • The National Gallery
  • Hello Cupcake
  • Ben's Chili Bowl
  • Big Hunt
  • Playbill
  • Columbia Heights
  • Wonderland
  • Eastern Market
  • DC United
  • The Looking Glass
  • Thai Tanic
  • Logan Circle
  • Russia House
  • Kramer's
  • Fatty's Custom Tattooz
  • Churchkey
  • Pizzeria Paradiso
  • Adams Morgan
  • Biergarten
  • H Street Country Club
  • Parkview
  • anywhere and everywhere I had a good drink, a great laugh and an amazing conversation.

Thank you for my friends and while we still have some work to do in regards to your men that's another post for another time.

Washington is a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm.

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  1. Nice! Good hits on there for sure... glad we've seen a lot of them together.