This Is Not A Music Blog

It's not. But I'm figuring out a few editorial matters before I start with the proper posts and my biggest question is How Personal Do I Get? Talking about music is a great way to talk about me without wondering if I should really tell this story or that one in a place where anyone can stumble upon it.

Side note: Dear exes/former friends, Don't think this means you're off the hook. I'm just going to be nice for as long as possible and when the day comes names will be changed to protect the not always innocent.

I had a day off recently and stuck between feeling social and not I decided the best plan would be to sit with my laptop at Starbucks instead of sitting with it on my couch. I puzzled at the music choices on Twitter, drank some overpriced, over caloried, best stuff on earth and tried to get some Real Writing done. I haven't written a short story in almost two years and have had the perfect idea for one for almost as long. But none of this was meant to be because I started browsing through blogs and came across a piece of news that should have been laughable except for how instantly it broke my heart.

Last month Sony decided to discontinue production on their Walkman.

If I lose my words at any point it's because I just got a little choked up writing that. And yes it's the death of something that hasn't been a part of my life for well over a decade but time and iPods haven't killed my love. My iPod never sat with me on my canopy bed, my front step or the back of my mom or dad's car while I got to know The Beatles. My iPod didn't curl up with me in bed and play NKOTB right in my ears so that I actually believed Joey was singing just to me. It was my Walkman that had the radio that let me listen to Top 40, oldies and hip hop all in the same afternoon. It was my Walkman who kept me company on long car rides, long days at a relatives house or those days at home during my preteen years when I needed that magical transporter away from a world that wasn't making as much sense as I wanted it to. I learned patience and timing from all those times I trained myself how to perfectly fast forward past a song I didn't like without missing the beginning of a song I needed to hear.

We spent hours together and I'll never really be over my Walkman. I love my iPod but it's a business relationship. It gives me something to listen to on the treadmill and Metro and I keep it synced it with my iTunes. My Walkman and I had a friendship and it was one of the best friendships I've ever had.

RIP, good friend.

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